Program Itinerary

Chamundi program itinerary
Day 1

Our journey begins at Bengaluru where we meet and travel to Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri Hills, where a freshwater spring marks the birth of Cauvery River. The Shiva linga here is said to have been installed by Sage Agastya. From here we travel down to the foothills to Bhagamandala for overnight camping and to experience the Bhagandeshwara Temple consecrated by Sage Bhaganda.

Day 2

It is an honor for a devotee to be with their beloved Guru on a day that made spiritual process a possibility in their lives. Let us come together to celebrate this day, the 3rd of September, and soak in the magic of our Master’s presence. We then travel to Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve for an overnight stay.

Day 3

We begin the day with a jungle safari at Nagarhole and visit the famous Iruppu waterfalls. We camp at the scenic Meenakshipura backwaters, a serene space to be in the company of Sadhguru and the perfect ambience for meditation and inner exploration.

Day 4

We enter Mysuru, a city filled with places that are close to Sadhguru’s heart: The school and university where he famously bunked classes, ventured into a successful business, adventured with snakes, and of course, his romance with Chamundi Hills. We will spend time in meditation on this hill where Sadhguru had his life transforming experience.

Day 5

Shivanasamudra or “Shiva’s Sea” awaits us. Legend says that once upon a time, a demon obstructed the flow of the Cauvery river in form of colossal boulder. When Shiva destroyed the demon, the river suddenly flowed forth like the sea, earning the name “Shivanasamudra”. Here, the gorgeous, twin waterfalls are the second largest in India, and are divided by the small river island town of the same name. Our visit falls during the monsoon season, so these falls will truly be a sight to see.

Day 6

Today, we will visit Devi Shimsha Maramma and Prasanna Meenakshi Shakti temples where Sri Adi Shankaracharya has installed a Sri chakra. We will further continue our journey through the interior of the beautiful state of Karnataka and head towards Bengaluru.

Day 7

The sojourn concludes in Bengaluru, capital of Karnataka. As you enjoy the comforts of this modern-day metropolis, take some time to reflect on the human genius that crafted the powerful temples that you have witnessed over the last few days.

Please Note:
The itinerary above is indicative of the places we will be visiting. However, the actual order of the itinerary may vary.

Chamundi Hills Tour by Isha Team
Chamundi Hills Tour by Isha Team