Chamundi Sacred Walks is an unparalleled opportunity to walk in the Grace of Chamundi alongside Sadhguru through the state of Karnataka. Enjoy the privilege of accompanying Sadhguru to places that witnessed pivotal moments in his life.
From the origins of River Cauvery at Talakaveri in the Brahmagiri hills, to the raw wilderness of untouched forests and pristine waterfalls, from the nooks and crannies of Mysuru to potent spiritual places consecrated by the Sage Agastya – this sojourn is a rare privilege to walk in the footsteps of yogis of the past while in the intimate presence of a living Guru.

Chamundi, the guardian goddess of Mysuru, Sadhguru’s birthplace. For centuries, this fierce deity has watched over the royal city from her abode atop Chamundi Hills. It is also here, in her nurturing lap, that Sadhguru experienced his moment of enlightenment.

With an opportunity to do sadhana together in ancient consecrated spaces, as well as participate in satsangs and powerful meditations with the Sadhguru, it is not just a journey but a spiritual treasure that comes only once in a lifetime.

Chamundi Hill was not a hill for us; it was not a mound of earth for us. From the age of six or seven, I have been trekking and camping there. I have spent many nights and days on this hill. These trips to Chamundi Hill made me very familiar and the place became very dear to me.

– Sadhguru

Isha Sacred Walks offers this program not as a tour, but as a possibility for deep spiritual transformation imbibing the overwhelming power, energy and grace of these sacred spaces.

Chamundi Hill Spiritual Yatra with Sadhguru