Lessons learnt during the sojourn: To stay human, realise the value of everything nature offers. Trekking teaches mortality and interdependence, no amount of book reading can.

Kiran Bedi

I felt like somebody took me by the hand to Kailash and safely brought me back. It was like a mother taking her child to kindergarten.

Hemalatha, Chennai

The reverberation of the sonorous chant “Shambho” as we chanted sitting by Lake Manasarovar will continue to beat with my heart through my lifetime. The experience of meditating sitting in front of Mount Kailash in Dirapuk is inexpressible in words.

Nilma Shah

The two sessions of satsang with the Master instilled a new wave of confidence in me. Besides this, the impact of “Abhaya Sutra” and the various processes cannot be belittled in the safe conduct of the sojourn.

Vijaylaxmi Kaul

For me, Kailash Yatra is not an event. It is a process. I came back to Hyderabad but the Kailash Yatra process is still underway… inside of me.

Srinivas Avasarala

Staying calm in moments of anxiety, the ever efficient Isha volunteers worked relentlessly to make it happen for us. I bow down to each of them with gratitude.

Dr. Priya