Will there be any expenditure that I am likely to incur?

Yes, there are going to be a few expenses like:

  • The cost of Pony for participants traveling in Group B
  • Tips for drivers, cooks, and porters on the last day of the sojourn
  • Expenses in case of evacuation due to medical emergencies, natural calamities such as earthquake, landslide, floods etc. towards travel, boarding, lodging and medical costs.
  • Lastly, any other personal expenses during the travel such as local snacks, souvenirs etc.

What Temperature & Weather can be expected?

We can expect some rains at this time. The weather can be hot during the day but very chilly from early evening to late morning.

Will a phone network be available?

Yes, most cell phones work fairly well in the Himalayan region.

How many hours travel is involved every day?

The daily travel can be between 6-8 hours with short breaks.

Why are medical tests necessary?

It is important to check health and fitness as you will be travelling through high altitude region. This is to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all the participants.

What medical support will be provided during the sojourn?

A qualified and well-equipped doctor specially trained to handle high-altitude sickness and other conditions that may arise, will accompany the group to provide medical assistance.