Dates / Registration 2023

The given dates are to and from Kathmandu, Nepal

Group S

Group Arrive/Depart at Kathmandu Communication Language Registration Status
S1 Sep 04 to Sep 18 English Closed
S2 Sep 05 to Sep 19 English Closed
S3 Sep 06 to Sep 20 English Closed
S4 Aug 28 to Sep 11 English Closed
S5 Aug 29 to Sep 12 English Closed
S6 Aug 30 to Sep 13 English Closed
S7* Sep 01 to Sep 15 English Closed

 For Non-Indian Passport Holders.

 * For Non-Resident Indians Only.

Group C

Group Arrive/Depart at Lhasa Communication Language Registration Status
C1 Sep 04 to Sep 17 Chinese Closed

 For Non-Indian Passport Holders.

Registration Requirements

  • Application Form
  • Medical Form
  • Passport-size Photo
  • Passport Copy

Isha maintains the right to accept or reject any application without providing an explanation.