How can I register for this sojourn

Is there an age limit?

  • Participants must be between 18 and 69 years of age.
  • Participants below the age of 18 must either be accompanied by a parent/guardian or submit a letter of parental consent.

What is the eligibility criteria / prerequisite to be a part of the Kailash Manasarovar sojourn?

  • You must be medically fit.
  • You should have completed the Inner Engineering Program with initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra.
  • See “Prerequisites” for more information.

How can I qualify medically?

  • Please undergo all the medical tests mentioned in the medical form and consult your physician regarding your fitness to travel to a high altitude of 18,000 feet and above.
  • Based on your tests, our medical team will conduct a final assessment of your fitness.

Do we need to undergo medical tests? Why is it necessary?

  • Medical assessment is mandatory
  • You will be travelling to high altitude, where the atmospheric oxygen levels are lower than at sea level. At elevation, people may suffer from hypoxia (insufficient oxygen levels)
  • In rarefied atmospheric conditions, a person may develop ailments like pulmonary edema, cerebral edema or acute mountain sickness
  • Participants must therefore be screened thoroughly before they are taken to high altitudes

Do I need to carry the medicines which I have been taking and prescribed by my doctor?

Yes, you are advised to take sufficient stock of medicines to last the entire duration of the trip.

I have travelled to high altitudes previously and my stay was uneventful. Do I need a medical exam?

Yes, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination.

In case of emergencies, what are the steps that will be taken?

  • The group will be accompanied by a qualified and well-equipped doctor specially trained to handle high-altitude sickness and other conditions that may arise.
  • If an evacuation becomes necessary, you will be taken either to a lower altitude or the nearest medical facility.

How do I get my visa for Nepal?

  • Passport required with a minimum validity of 180 days from your date of entry into Nepal
  • Indian nationals do not require a visa for Nepal
  • Non-Indian nationals require a 30-day multiple entry visa which can be availed on arrival at the Kathmandu airport

How do non-Indian passport holders get the permits required for Kailash?

  • Isha will make the necessary arrangements for this

What documents are required for this sojourn?

  • Registration Form
  • Medical Form
  • Letter of Indemnity / Waiver
  • Passport-size photo
  • Soft copy of your passport

What are some common mistakes made during the registration process?

  • Incomplete and incorrect information
  • Uploading unclear photos / passport copies
  • Uploading black and white photos / passport copies
  • Missing signatures where required

What is the accommodation provided and can I book a single room?

  • As a policy, everyone must share their room because symptoms of high altitude sickness can arise unexpectedly.
  • Having a roommate with you is a safety measure in case you require help.

What kind of food will we be provided with during the sojourn?

Wholesome vegetarian meals will be provided

Where can I buy warm clothing and shoes? Any recommendations?

  • Indians can buy warm clothing and waterproof trekking shoes at Decathlon stores available in most major cities.

How can I stay in contact with my family during the travel?

  • It is recommended that you stay focussed on the pilgrimage and keep outside contact to a minimum in order to make the most of your limited time in these sacred spaces.
  • At the hotels in Kathmandu, WiFi connectivity will be available.

Will there be any major expenditure that I am likely to Incur?

We recommend you plan for costs towards:

  • Gratuity for drivers, cooks and sherpas on the last day of the journey.
  • Emergency expenses in case of evacuation due to medical emergencies, natural calamities or change of government rules, etc., towards travel, boarding, lodging and medical costs.
  • Any other personal expenses.