Program Itinerary

Southern Sojourn
Day 1

We begin our journey at Bengaluru as we embark on this unique sojourn together.

Day 2

Tamil history is replete with countless saints and seers who have inspired generations with their acts of unwavering devotion. These glorious sculpted temples are lasting symbols of that devotion. As we begin our journey to these magnificent places, enroute we will halt at Hogenakkal, the “Smoky Rocks” Waterfalls. These spectacular “Niagara Falls of India” signify the beginning of our sojourn.

Day 3

Today we visit the picturesque Natadreeswarar Temple (meaning “Shiva in the middle of the river”) is located on a hillock island in river Cauvery. This marks the center point of the river – equidistant from her origin and her delta at the ocean. The Sage Agastya is said to have made the linga here out of sand and meditated here for a long period, and so the deity here is Agasteeswarar or the “Lord of Agastya”.

Day 4

Our next destination is Thiruvanaikaval, the Water Temple. It is one of the five elemental temples (Pancha Bhuta Sthalams) that have been consecrated to purify the elements of earth, water, fire, wind and space in the human system. Here, under the guidance of Sadhguru, we will undergo a meditation for the water element.

Day 5

A series of temple visits on this day will overwhelm you with their aesthetic splendor and tremendous energy. Lay your eyes on the pinnacle of Chola architecture at Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur. Travel to the end point of Cauvery at Thiruvarur, a verdant delta region and a traditional center for classical Indian arts. In the famous Thyagaraja temple, Shiva is known as Vanmikanathar, and the linga here is actually an anthill. This temple has the highest number of shrines as compared to any other temple in India

Day 6

Receive the energies of the ancient Chidambaram Temple, the Pancha Bhuta Sthalam for the element of space (akash). We wind down for the day and enjoy an overnight stay in this antique temple town of Chidambaram.

Day 7

Our journey comes to an end as we travel to the coastal city of Chennai, It’s time to relax, reminisce and re-live your experiences of the Southern Sojourn.

Please Note: The itinerary above is indicative of the places we will be visiting. However, the actual order of the itinerary may vary.

Southern Sojourn
Southern Sojourn