The given dates are to and from Kathmandu, Nepal

Group Arrive/Depart at Kathmandu Communication Language Registration Status
H1 Sep 01st to Sep 13th, 2017 English Closed
H2 Sep 03rd to Sep 15th, 2017 English & Tamil Closed


Group Arrive/Depart at Kathmandu Communication Language Registration Status
A4 Aug 8th to Aug 22nd, 2017 English & Telugu Closed
A5 Aug 12th to Aug 26th, 2017 English & Tamil Closed
S2* July 29th to Aug 13th, 2017 English Closed
S4* Aug 1st to Aug 16th, 2017 English Closed
C1 Aug 3rd to Aug 15th, 2017 Chinese Closed
A0 July 26th to Aug 9th, 2017 English Closed
A1 July 21st to Aug 4th, 2017 English Closed
A2 Aug 1st to Aug 15th, 2017 English Closed
A3 Aug 3rd to Aug 17th, 2017 Tamil Closed
A6 Aug 13th to Aug 27th, 2017 English Closed
A7 July 24th to Aug 6th, 2017 English Closed
A8 July 25th to Aug 7th, 2017 English & Hindi Closed
S1* July 22nd to Aug 5th, 2017 English Closed
S3* July 28th to Aug 12th, 2017 English Closed
S5* July 23rd to Aug 6th, 2017 English Closed

* For Participants from Overseas Only

Participants are required to be in Kathmandu on the given dates latest by 5.00 pm.

Participants of C1 are required to be in Lhasa on the given date.

Registration closes on July 30th, 2017 for H group. However, if all places are filled, registration may close earlier.

Registration Requirements

The following should reach us on or before June 30th 2017 to enable timely visa processing and other arrangements.

Please send the following documents together by courier.
1. Application Form – Please fill it online at www.sacredwalks.org
2. Medical Fitness Certificate & Original Medical Reports
3. Indemnity Letter – Please Send the Original signed Copy
5. Passport-size Photo – Color Copy
6. Passport  – Color copy of the passport pages that show your photo, validity details and address. Please ensure the copy of your passport pages are clear.

Scanned color copies of Passport & Passport-size photo can be emailed to us.

A registration confirmation will be sent within two weeks of receiving your application, documents & medical reports.

Isha maintains the right to accept or reject any application without providing an explanation.

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