Program Itinerary

Day 1: Chamundi Sacred Walks follows in Sadhguru’s footsteps and travels to the places that have played a significant part in his life. The sojourn begins at Mysore, Sadhguru’s birthplace. On day one, we travel to Gomatagiri, a place of immense importance for Sadhguru, followed by a visit to KRS gardens.

Day 2: Today we trek up Chamundi Hill to the rock where Sadhguru sat on that life-transforming afternoon. The spot still remains as pristine and undisturbed as it was thirty years ago. A meditation process will be conducted there which will allow one to immerse themselves in the grace and energy of Sadhguru’s Presence. The sojourn will also give a peek into Sadhguru’s early life, with a visit to his school and college, followed by a visit to the famed Mysore Palace and zoo – where as a child, Sadhguru frequently fed his many animal friends.

Day 3: From Mysore, we travel to the incredibly beautiful Iruppu Falls, tucked away in a niche in the Western Ghats, and to the nearby Rameshwara temple, where Sadhguru was married on Mahashivarathri in 1985. From Iruppu falls, the journey continues to Nagarhole, where Sadhguru once spent several days and nights wandering in the forest, in the womb of nature, finally emerging from the jungle only on the 23rd day. A jungle safari into this undisturbed forest will be an opportunity to explore what is considered among the most well-managed and bio diverse regions in India.

Day 4: Today we head to Belur and Halebeedu, the exquisite 12th Century Hoysala Temples which legends say took 103 years to build. The temples are among the finest examples of South Indian temple architecture.

Day 5: The sojourn continues to the Biligirirangan Hills, or “B.R Hills”, a unique wildlife sanctuary cum hill station. The B.R Hills are especially dear to Sadhguru. It was here that during one of his biking trips, he happened upon Swami Nirmalananda’s ashram. Sadhguru shared a deep and cherished relationship with Swami Nirmalananda, who attained Mahasamadhi at his ashram in 1997. The Hills are also famous for the Biligirirangaswamy temple of Lord Ranganatha.

The sojourn culminates with Guru Pooja – an offering of gratitude to the great beings of the past who have made available the powerful possibility of self-transformation.

Guided and enveloped by intense meditation processes, sathsangs and chants, Sacred Walks is not just a journey; it is an intense expression of man’s search for ultimate freedom. Chamundi Sacred Walks is an opportunity to follow the events and experiences of an extraordinary life, and get a glimpse of the being whom we know as Sadhguru.

Note: Participants can join at either at Coimbatore or Mysore. Further information including reporting place and time will be provided on registration. Participants can depart on the fifth night of the sojourn.

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