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1. Himalayan Lust

Himalayan Lust

By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Accompanied by Sadhguru, every year, a group of Isha meditators sets out on the Dhyan Yatra, a tour to some of the most sacred sites of the Himalayas. This is a book for those who stayed behind. It is a chance to make a pilgrimage on the page, travelling through the unpredictable but fascinating terrain of the Master’s words. 228 Pages

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2. An Immense Journey

An Immense Journey

By Anki Khurana An Immense Pictorial Journey of the Himalayas with Sadhguru. 24 Pages

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3. Mystical Journeys – Kailash Manasarovar yatra

Mystical Journeys - Kailash Manasarovar yatra

By Isha Foundation Mount Kailash – even from its outer appearance, this magnificent peak in the Tibetan part of the Himalayas seems distinctly different. A geological phenomenon – maybe, breathtaking in its sublime beauty – without a doubt, but what makes it one of the most sacred places in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bon religion alike? In 2006 and 2007, Sadhguru and along with him groups of meditators, set out to explore the truth behind the legends, and what they found was “too incredible for any sensible man to believe.” 60 min. DVD | Watch Preview

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